We are ServerU

We make Server hardware for open source flavors of Unix-like systems.

ServerU is a joint effort of open source specialist company with more than 15 years expertise, and ServerU itself, a US company based on Miami, FL. We focus on designing and making rack-mount 1U professional servers completely supported by open source Unix-like systems. We make hardware supported for FreeBSD, OpenBSD & Linux. We also focus on ProApps, pfSense Vyatta (VyOS), Endian and others.

In fact the story beyond ServerU is motivated on ProApps, Enterprise Professional Appliance made by open source specialists, on top of FreeBSD operating system. Aiming to deliver a complete solution made up of ProApps and a hardware specially designed for it, we have been serving since 2012 a number of ProApps customers with ServerU hardware. ServerU series started with A100 devices (discontinued already).

Since we noticed ProApps customers and users had a deficient offer of adequate and certified server platforms, and most server vendors like HP, IBM and DELL won't support open source systems other than a couple of Enterprise Linux flavors, we started building and offering ServerU devices to our customers in the Americas, Caribe and Europe.

We are proud supporters of open source software, with over 15 years experience. We strongly agree with A. Kay, who used to be quoted by Steve Jobs stating that "People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware."

Therefore, ServerU is open source designed, tested and supported hardware.
Because we are serious about software.

Our location

ServerU Inc.
8001 NW 64th St.
Miami FL 33166
T: +1 (305) 421-9956

Our headquarters' located in the sunny Miami-Dade county.

Want to visit us?
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For Open Source

Specially designed for FreeBSD, ProApps, pfSense, OpenBSD & Linux.

Netmap Ready

Netmap technology enables up to 13x more performance for packet capturing and processing.

For Big Business

ServerU Netmap L-800 is our best offer for a networking-centric appliance at High End class.
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