ProApps LCM Actions

If you are running ServerU appliance with ProApps, it comes with a special scripted daemon which will allow for some important actions and information grabbing when you are in front of the server.

  • Press/Release Key #1 - System Status: will display some important basic system status, like memory, temperature, proccess, storage, swap, etc;
  • Press/Release Key #2 - Firewall Status: wil display info about firewall states, firewall rules, queues, etc;
  • Press/Release Key #3 - Network Status: wil display info about interface errors, drops, collisions, number of FIBs, number of routes, routing states, sockets, connections, etc;
  • Press/Release Key #4 - ProApps Components: wil display important info about installed proapps components;
  • Press + Hold Key #1 - System Status: will print addition system status info, related to how the server is configured, including main IP address, hostname, gateway, netmask, etc;
  • Press + Hold Key #2 - No programmed function: reserved for your customization;
  • Press + Hold Key #3 - No programmed function: reserved for your customization;
  • Press + Hold Key #4 - System Reboot: will reboot ProApps if you hold pressed for 10 or more seconds; you will be warned on the LCM display when 10s timer start counting, if reboot gets confirmed or cancelled;

This daemon is programmed on serveru-plcmd which can be customized to you upon request.


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